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Press Review

France Inter – “On va déguster”

(French radio station food and wine show)

Faugères wine-tasting, Dominique Hutin, March 2016

Castel Viel 2012: our favourite

Full of spice! All the spices are there, every one of them, even far-flung paprika. On the palate, chocolate reigns supreme, even in the mouthfeel. Though it has not yet acquired the patina of age, this wine has none of the brash, loudness of youth. It is already subtle. It is vertical rather than horizontal (2012 is a fresh vintage which has given it this graceful silhouette). It already stands tall … and will do so for many years to come.


(Contest organised by this organic wine trade fair)

Gold medal awarded to Faugères Blanc 2013 and “Chemin de Ronde” 2011

“Terres de Vins” No. 29 May/June 2014

(wine magazine and website)

‘A Dazzling Vintage’ by Sylvie Tonnaire

Castel Viel 2013 – 16/20

“Now here’s an example of firmness. A fruitful balance (sour cherry and plum) and subtle tannins, but with a rectitude and sharp acidity on the finish that harbours the promise of refreshing spiciness.”

“Vigneron” December 2013-February 2014

(quarterly prestige wine magazine)

In a wonderful feature about great sommelier Serge Dubs, the latter names Faugères Castel Viel 2009 as one of his favourites.

“I’m impressed by this estate. The aromatic concentration is well-balanced in a blend of Grenache and Syrah without the usual inconveniences and over-bearing gaminess. It is simple, elegant and full of flavour.”

“Spectacle du Monde” – September 2013

(culture and news monthly magazine)

Cuvée Amour 2011 “A wine to go with a meal. It’s powerful, rich in dark fruits with hints of roasted aromas.”

RVF (French wine magazine) – Special Edition, November 2013

, ‘Eloges du Languedoc’ (Singing Languedoc’s praises)

Faugères Castel Viel 2008: “Only indigenous yeasts are used in this Carignan-dominant blend with Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. This is a ripe, generous, fleshy wine that will age well.”

RVF – “Le Guide des meilleurs vins à moins de 20€” – 2014

(Guide to the best wines under €20)

Faugères Chemin de Ronde 2011: “A very fine expression of the schist terroir using fully-ripe Syrah. Still a little strict on the palate, but the body features a great concentration of flavours and a long finish. A fine wine that will age well. It has the organic AB label and Ecocert certification.”

Faugères Chemin de Ronde 2010 – awarded one star in the 2014 Guide Hachette

(annual guide to French wines)

“Denis Feigel, who has been running this wine estate since 1999, was joined by his son Boris in 2005. Seeking complexity, he blended five varieties to create this 2010 vintage. He’s certainly achieved his goal with this purple-coloured wine, which offers dark fruits on the nose nuanced with mineral notes. It is a generous, enduring, harmonious wine that reveals fine depth and a long liquorice finish. A delight, both now and if left for two years.”

Decanter – July 2013

(international wine magazine and website)

Faugères Castel Viel 2010 was selected and recommended in a tasting review.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2013

Bronze medal awarded to Faugères Chemin de Ronde 2010

RVF – June 2013

Castel Viel 2012

“Dark fruits and sloe on the nose, full-bodied and velvety, fleshy and with lots of depth. A very gourmand wine. This wine estate farms organically. Stay tuned.”

Vigneron Independent (syndicate of independent wine-growers): 2013 Tasting

Gold Medal awarded to Castel Viel 2009.

RVF – “Guide des meilleurs vins à moins de 20€” – 2013

Chemin de Ronde 2008 and Château Autignac 2007 were both selected for the 2013 edition.

Vigneron Independant: 2012 Tasting

Gold medal awarded to Boria 2008.

RVF – October 2012

Castel Viel 2008 “This wine is ripe, generous and fleshy and will age well. 15/20”

Le Point – September 2012

(French general news weekly magazine)

Boria 2009 and Chemin de Ronde 2010, were the two Faugères wines selected in this special edition devoted to Languedoc wines. Boria 2009 “Expressive, red berries, mild spices, fleshy, tight tannins, dense, rich, still marked by maturation, needs to age.” Chemin de Ronde 2010 “Red berries, cherry, liquorice, bay leaf, smooth, fleshy, a bitter note, tight tannins, velvety, full of flavour.”

RVF: “Le Languedoc à l’épreuve du temps” (Languedoc stands the test of time) – April 2012

Castel Viel 2006 “Truffle on the nose, smooth on the palate, tightens on the finish, still firm and dynamic. Open within three years. This Domaine offers beautiful regularity.”

RVF: “Millésimes anciens du Languedoc” (Languedoc’s old vintages) – April 2012

Castel Viel 2004 graded 15.5/20 “This red wine expresses dominant, velvety Syrah flavours and is still fresh, creamy on the palate, well-built and exhibiting no bitterness.”

Castel Viel 2007, awarded one star in the Guide Hachette 2011

“France’s southern appellations use the blending of several varieties to encouraged complexity in their wines. This 2007 vintage (a blend of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre) is a good example of this with its garnet-red robe, and nose of black cherry, spices and liquorice. On the palate, it exhibits roundness on the attack, silky tannins, with nicely managed woody notes on the finish.”

Chemin de Ronde 2007, listed in the Guide Hachette 2011

“The Chemin de Ronde 2007 red is a blend of Cinsault with the four aforementioned varieties (Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre). It is a softer wine (vat-matured), still very characteristic with its toasted aromas.”

Cuvée Boria 2006, awarded one star in the Guide Hachette 2010

In our 2002 edition, referring to the first vintage produced by the two Alsatian friends at the head of this estate since 1999, we advised readers to “stay tuned to these two wine-makers”. Several cuvées and stars later, they have more than confirmed their expertise. This confidential cuvée is further proof of it. It exhibits a dark, purplish robe, and a nose marked by twelve months of barrel maturation with subtle notes of cocoa, vanilla and toasted aromas. On the palate, it is firm and straight, full-bodied and well-structured, finely-constructed on tannins that are just asking for a little time to flourish. Sample in two or three years’ time. Will be perfect with game animals.”

Faugères Réserve 2005, Guide Malin RVF (guide to good, cheap wines)

“This wine has developed nice aromas exhibiting a delicate and harmonious blend of garrigue notes, pepper and spices with hints of liquorice on the finish. It is pleasantly smooth bodied, with tannins tamed by time. A fine cuvee, perfect for drinking this winter.”

Cuvée Boria 2005, awarded one star in the Guide Hachette 2009

“The Prés Lasses estate was the dream of two friends with a passion for wine. Today it is a reality… that covers nearly 23 ha!

This confidential cuvée is a blend of Syrah and Grenache, matured in casks for 12 months. It exhibits stewed fruit aromas and smoky notes. On the palate, the attack is pleasant, with a hint of fruit soaked in alcohol. The tannins are still marked by the maturing process. To be enjoyed in two or three years with a meat stew.”

Castel Viel 2007, RVF n°552 June 2008, “Le Millésime 2007”

(the 2007 vintage)

“Spicy and floral notes. Elegant, clean and sincere, it coats the palate with live crispy tannins and vibrant fruit. A well-proportioned, mature, wholesome wine, with a nice, spicy finish”.

Tabernolles 2004, awarded one star in the Guide Hachette 2008

“This garnet-red 2004 vintage, exhibits an original yet typically Mediterranean nose with notes of eucalyptus and garrigue. It was specially noted for its silky attack, sound structure and long, aromatic finish. It offers the bonus of elegance.”

Castel Viel 2004, awarded two stars in the Guide Hachette 2007

“This year, this oft-mentioned, deep red cuvée matured in barrels for 14 months, is remarkable. Its aromas of ripe and stewed fruits are remarkable. Its powerful palate and mellow woody flavours leading into a never-ending finish, are remarkable. This is a fine wine that will be at its absolute best in a year or two.”

Faugères Cuvée Tradition and Castel Viel, RVF n°512 June 2007, “Le Millésime 2006”

(The 2006 vintage)

“Expresses schist soils. Pure, peppery, silky, slender, sincere and gourmand. Cuvée Castel Viel is improved and ambitious.”

Castel Viel 2005, RVF June 2006: “Le Millésime 2005”

(The 2005 vintage)

Featured in the “Réussites exceptionnelles” (Exceptional achievements) category

“Here, we can feel the sheer risk that was taken; a selection, with real wine-making behind it. It expresses itself with smoothness and depth. Great potential.”

Castel Viel 2001, Vintage, June 2005

By Serge Dubs (Best Sommelier of World 1989, editor’s note)

“Which wines can be paired with this foie gras?

We could have chosen a Coteau du Languedoc, a Cahors, a Madiran, or a Côte-du-Mourmendais. Faugères is a less well-known AOC, and this wine is excellent and extremely well-priced. The Syrah and Grenache varieties give it an open, expressive and dynamic bouquet with slightly wild notes (black olive, thyme, rosemary). This wine is full-bodied, robust, but still taut, supple and caressing. This is perhaps the most delicate balance with a red wine.”

Le Point “Spécial Vins” – September 2005

(Special Edition on Wines)

16/20 Faugères 2002

“A ripe, red berry nose, full of flavour, silky tannins, mild spices and lengthy fruitiness.”

15/20 Castel Viel 2001

“Very nice and fruity, well-balanced and smooth on the palate, velvety tannins, enticing.”

RVF n°492, “Les meilleurs vins de 2004”

(The Best Wines of 2004)

Two Domaine des Prés Lasses cuvées were featured in the “Nous avons aimé” (We liked) section

“The cuvée Tradition, with its notes of candied red berries and garrigue already has well-rounded tannins and should be drunk straight away (available in June 2006). Castel Viel delights in a more constructed manner. It is a straight, firm wine that will age well over five years.”

Castel Viel 2003, Guide Hachette 2006

“In 1999, two childhood friends with a passion for wine decided to become winemakers in the Faugères region. Their Castel Viel cuvée has again been selected by the jury for the third year running. It bears the mark of 13 months’ barrel maturation, and still has a wild side to it. However, its fundamentals are of excellent craftsmanship, and it will be perfect in three or four years’ time.”

Castel Viel 2001, Le Guide des Vins des Oenologues 2004

“This 2001 Faugères is a model of purity. It has a crystalline, deep, garnet-red robe. On the nose, it exhibits admirable strength, complexity and finesse, with notes of red berries in alcohol, fresh mint and minerality. On the palate, it is frank, well-balanced, concentrated and very supple. The aromas on the nose are also there, especially the minerality. A magnificent wine to serve with a Piperade (a Basque vegetable dish prepared with onions, peppers, and tomatoes).”

RVF n°482, “Les meilleurs vins de 2003”

(The best wines of 2003)

“The three cuvées have turned out nicely. The Tradition is candied in style, but not heavy and delicious drunk young. The Tabernolles exhibits modern, fruity tanginess (cold maceration) and is skilfully constructed. The Castel Viel is enduring with velvety fullness.”

Castel Viel 2001, Awarded two stars in the Guide Hachette 2005

“Following in the footsteps of the 2000 cuvée (awarded one star in the Guide Hachette 2004), the 2001 cuvée was much appreciated by the jury, and awarded a second star. It is still made with 40% Carignan, and has an intense, peppery nose. It is well-structured on the palate exhibiting spiciness and impressive power. Save this wine to accompany a meat stew.”